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  • Agnus Castus to Yucca schidigera - Traditions about plant products and herbs. Offers a thorough directory of herbs and their uses, as well as precautions.
  • Allexperts Herbs - Volunteer authorities respond for free to your inquiries about the uses of herbs.
  • Alternative Beauty - Information about herbal remedies and cosmetics, recipes, herb magic, legend and history.
  • BC Herb Growers Association - This site allows you to interact with other herb growers in order to encourage, facilitate, and increase herb growing, networking opportunities, and access to market information, seminars, and conferences.
  • Botanical Dermatology Database - John Mitchell and Arthur Rook created this electronic re-incarnation of Botanical Dermatology.
  • Directory of Herbs - Directory of the magical properties of plants and herbs.
  • Dried Herbs Online - Resourece on herbal medicines, including links, articles, herbals, community areas, and original work.
  • Elchai's Herbal Remedies and Lore - This site offers information about herbs, health issues, recipes, and ceremonies and is updated frequently.
  • Elixir - Resources on herbs, with research and assessments, a forum for practitioners, and a listing of licensed TCM herbalists in California.
  • Healing Herbs - An online group providing herbal information, discussion, events, and photographs of herbs.
  • The Herb Woman - Listing of consumer and professional links, allowing them to research dietary supplements and natural products.
  • Herbal Contraception - Information about herbs that have long been used as contrceptives, accompanied by current commentary on their effectiveness.
  • The Herbal Encyclopedia - A–Z list, with glossary, of medicinal herbs, with recipes and remedies and information about safety, storage, and special uses.
  • Herbal Hall - Ad-free and non-commercial site of the Professional Herbalists Discussion List and Online Herbal Library offers places to purchase approved herb/health products.
  • Herbal Legacy - Sponsored by Christopher Publications, this site provides details about herbs, such as recipes, ailments, programs and publications.
  • Home Made Medicine - Site provides details about herbal healing and home remedies free of charge. Includes guide to illnesses and information on treating everyday health problems without drugs.
  • Inner Self Magazine - An A–Z guide to herbs from alfalfa to yucca, including their source, content and uses.
  • Islam and Alternative Medicine - Informative natural medicine site, which details about medicinal herbs .
  • Juniper and Sage - Beginning herbalists will appreciate this useful site, which discusses organic growing, wildcrafting, and ways to prepare and use herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes.
  • Kitchen Doctor - Ingrid Naiman offers practical advice on using foods, herbs, and spices to treat everyday illnesses.
  • Pharmaceuticals for Medicine Without Borders - Find out about important botanical pharmaceutical research, with details about for many of the sicknesses. Resources are provided free of charge to help people who may suffer from these illnesses.
  • Pioneer Thinking - Resource on potential useful herbs, with a database of herbs and sickness.
  • - Information on neem leaves, the bitter blessing of mankind.
  • Southwest School of Botanical Medicine - Pictures of medicinal plants (photos and illustrations), maps, summaries, components, monographs, significant articles and folios by genus and species.
  • Suite 101: Herbalism - Information, forums, and links about ways in which herbs are used, including facts, folklore, medicines, and magic. Also includes seasonal home remedies and other practical advice.
  • Vegetarian Recipes - Useful free vegetarian ebook site with recipes to improve your health.
  • Bee Sting Antidote - Sting treatment for adults, children, infants and pets.
  • Reishi Extract - Medicinal mushrooms by Paul Stamets (Fungi Perfecti).
  • Sleep Apnea Relief

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